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Programme for 77th & 78th AGM on Saturday 2nd October 2021

Posted on Sep 28, 2021

Agenda of the 77th & 78th AGM’s of the Association

Saturday 2nd October 2021


Welcome by Chairman, and unveiling of Honours Board.

Bereavements              Len Smith, Doug Jeeves, Derek Tiller, John Denmark, Basil Hobbs, Brian Tiller, and Bob Aldred



Loyal Toast

Break – The break will be about 20 minutes when the raffle will be drawn.


Apologies; 25 members submitted their apologies

Matters arising from last AGM minutes 6th April 2019

Correspondence and Secretary’s report

Treasurer’s audited financial statement for 2020, as previously circulated.

Election of Officers and committee members, nominated as per constitution.

Chairman                                   Len Hull

Vice-Chairman                         Melvin Bryant

Secretary/Treasurer              Hugh Elliott

New Members Sec                  Tony Simmonds

Committee                                 Brian Horne, John Bryant, Ian Darby, Chris Day, Peter Brown.

Auditors                                     Judy Peacock and Keith Pearce

New Members:                              Introduced by Tony Simmonds

Any Other Business                   1) TOBA website                    (Hugh Elliott)

(Prior notification)                                         

Hugh Elliott

Secretary / Treasurer