Toddington Old Boys Association

To Summon Up Remembrance of Things Past

Chairman’s comments, April 2021

Posted on Apr 12, 2021

April 2021

Hi Everyone,
Life has certainly changed for most of us over the last 12 months one way or another, good or sad.
With a further luncheon cancellation required due to Covid-19 regulations, once again we are unable to meet for up for the fourth time. Today is a time where we share various topics of conversation on how we are all getting by and remembering our colleagues who are no longer with us.
As we generally salute Queen Elizabeth II, we as TOBAs send our deepest condolence to her with the passing of her Husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.
Please let us know if you require any Old Boys support or help to get by in this troubled times.
We have cancelled the Old Boys subscriptions this year.
Depending on Governments instructions we may be able to meet on the first Saturday in July, on the 3rd. We will advise more on this in due course.
It is hoped to hold our 2020/2021 AGM on Saturday 2nd October, with a luncheon at the Social Club.
Take care till we can all meet again together.
 Len and Hugh